Monday, 11 October 2010

Upper Lascar Row 摩羅上街 10/10/2010

Hong Kong Island has a lot traditional and attractive street. Today, I introduce the famous street to you. Upper Lascar Row is located Mid-level, Sheung Wan.
Upper Lascar Row is a narrow alley. There is a numerous antique shop and stalls on both side of the street.

Why the street call Upper Lascar Row? The name it is come from 30th century. In 30th century, there is plenty of Indian lived and frequented in Upper Lascar Row. In that time, Indian also called Lascar. Therefore the street called Upper Lascar Row. Upper Lascar Row has a nickname Cat Street. In Cantonese slang thieves are called rats, and the dealers who purchase goods from the rats are cats. In past there is common joke that, if you had something stolen, you were almost certain to find it for sale back in Cat Street. It is very funny slang.

You can see Upper Lascar Row has a numerous antique shop and stalls on both side of the narrow alley. But narrow alley did not let me have a oppression feel. However, my eyes cannot switch out the antiques from the stalls.

You can feel the antiques are inside the antique shops on both side of the street are very expensive, unique and huge. Although the stall’s antiques are not expensive than the shop, the stall’s antiques are exquisite and special. The antiques are atrracted a lot of foreigners to come here. They come here to searching treasure. You can come to be a treasure hunter and find own treasure.

In 30th century, Upper Lascar Row was thronged with people. After time and time again, the number of antique stalls are become decreased. The street seems to be quite silent. Come! Before the street is vanish from Hong Kong

How to get there:

Upper Lascar Row can be accessed by walking within 15 minutes walking distance from the Sheung Wan MTR station. Sheung Wan Exit A2 à Walk along the Hillier Street to south à Walk along Circular Pathway àarrive Upper Lascar Row

By Hei

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